Saturday, December 28, 2013

Turning off the Stove for Awhile

          I love cooking and tinkering with recipes. And I've loved sharing some of the recipes I've created, which have won cooking contests. But I'm also a writer, and I have several plays, books, and musicals tugging at my sleeve.  So I’ve had to make a hard choice.  I’m taking a break from the "Cooking with Joni" and the "Writing Class with Joni" portions of this blog.
          The humorous essays I post twice a week will continue on Joniopolis, and previous posts about writing and cooking will still be here for you, available anytime. This will—I hope—leave me more time to work on the new projects.
          You’ll still find me on my YouTube Channel, where I’m the YouTube Mom.  New videos are posted here daily.  Many are about cooking, clever household tips, relationships, and life skills. You can even leave a request in the comment box, and I might make a video just for you.  These same videos are also on Pinterest and elsewhere.
          And links to my books are all listed on the home page here, as well as at Amazon and  Createspace.  Get the whole collection!  I hope to add more to that list, now.  I hope you’ll continue to join me on my humor blog—see you there.

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