Monday, November 11, 2013

"Seasoned Greetings" Rice Mixes

Here's a brand new idea of mine, a treat I'm giving to friends this Christmas, and something I invite you to copy.  It's a gift from the kitchen that's a snap to assemble, and keeps in pantry until they're ready to use it.  The challenge came from, and I'm happy to contribute this easy recipe.  Here's how it looks:
I made three different batches of seasoned rice: An Italian one, a Tex-Mex one, and a savory one that simply includes a great blend of herbs and spices that would go with anything.  You can see some of the spices I used, in the background. This recipe is for just 2 cups, but you can double or triple it, to make several gifts. 

Here's how to make your rice mixture:
2 Cups rice, any kind you choose
4 Tablespoons seasoning (look for spice blends of Cajun, Tuscan, Southwest, Garlic-Herb, Caribbean, etc.)
2 teaspoons bouillon granules, optional, if you want the rice to cook in a broth

Just stir it together in a bowl, then pour it into your container. I used a funnel for these bottles. You could use bottles like the ones I chose, mason jars, tins, cellophane bags-- whatever you like. Just be sure your container holds at least one cup.

I'm attaching a tag that says, "Seasoned Greetings!  Boil 2 Cups of water, add one cup of rice mixture, cover and simmer for 30 minutes to make a tasty Italian side dish!  Add butter if you wish.  And use the bottle for oil, once it's empty (it holds 2 cups)"  Obviously, that's for the Italian one.  Tie on the tag and a fluffy bow, and you have a wonderful Christmas gift!  

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