Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Eggs 202

I was going to call this Easter Eggs 101 but since it takes egg coloring to a new level, I had to say 202.  We take egg decorating pretty seriously in our family (except for Bob who colors ONE and only ONE egg every year).  Richie is the Egg Kingpin, which is a whole lot better than being a drug kingpin, and most of the following are his creations. 
Here's what we did with silk neckties:

It's super easy-- and you can use any silk fabric.  Wrap uncooked eggs tightly in the fabric, tie with rubber bands or twist-ties, then wrap in white fabric (an old sheet or remnant), tie again, then place in a pot of cold water.  Add a cup of vinegar.  Bring to boiling and cook 20 minutes. When cool, unwrap, and voila!
The blue and yellow egg is one of Richie's designs-- he clipped some Maidenhair Fern from our patio, placed it on a yellow egg then slipped a length of pantyhose over it, tying it off tightly.  Then he dipped it in blue dye, and after it dried peeled off the stocking and the fern.  We did this with several different leaves.
Now check out this striped egg:

Richie created this cool effect by spinning a boiled egg (colored or not) and touching them lightly with a SOFT-TIPPED artist's marker.  For the one above, he spun the egg several times and used 6 different markers to get the rainbow effect.
Last, here's a shot of the Italian Easter Egg Bread we make every year:

Simply use your favorite bread recipe (or thawed frozen dough), roll out ropes, twist them together, place them in a wreath shape on parchment paper, then tuck UNCOOKED yet colored eggs into the spaces.  Sprinkle with colored sugar sprinkles if you wish.  Bake at 350 degrees for 30 to 35 minutes.  I usually brush it with butter but forgot this year, so it's not quite as glossy and gorgeous as usual.  But it always makes a great-- and delicious-- presentation.
Thanks to all the friends who came over this year for our Easter feast, and who helped us color eggs and pretend we're kids again!

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